from María Sabina: Mujer Espiritu (1978)
Seed We:
See It's Here It's
as if to say Memory
me morí
or,  an archive for the future:
how to unforget?
what we know already, as if to say

children and How
do we Data the past and who is to Say meaning or how was it
when do you know it?

echoing Sharif: it matters
what you call a thing

(if poetry teaches it's bound)
the press, I'm
Read: Systems re: member

Where do we to go from Here?

So a turn to then Poetry:
as if to say 
could it heal

through Language Anne Waldman points to Sabina points to Water 
                                                                           "Water that cleans as I go"
& in her autobiography, in Language Sabina points --> 
to the Cinema:
How does one touch what one sees 
[how] (is) do (it that) we learn to see? 

is it in darkness 
night, see:
Berta Cáceres points at Water 
interconnected are we all waterways
and world war two

Children of the Children of the Great war
What is the Language we Gather and how do we?
And How is it that we see?
and Where is it that we
See how do we
Learn to Read do we
learn what it is it 
to be in a body, 
or bodying
In Language the Mushrooms Speak says Sabina-
Mycelium that therefore we are. 
we are learning yet learning
to see:
(soft plush of baroque light)
point the body of the camera to say what could be: 
Informing Paper Trails and Follow Sabina
"I am the Book Woman, says"
say mushrooms say
Humans follow trails follow Water              follow 

Left wondering then wondering
                                            Where is the "There" 
of the for the 
                                     Saint Children? 
Are we Where are We ?
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